Massive Ggp coverage effort today

Josiah Clark

So many sharp eyed birders out this morning working together to cover all the best spots in GGP. Jonah heard a bird that sounded like a northern parula at the rhododendron Dell. Auggie Kramer had a ash-throated flycatcher along Carl Street by Willard while at a job site afterwards.
For my part I worked the presidio over a bit, finding a total of three house wren territories. It really seems as though they are setting up to breed in the city this year. 
As well as the continuing chat at Lobos Creek, lots of migrants from yesterday continued. Yesterday evening had a chipping sparrow across from Presidio hills in the sand pile. 
Hard to believe this is just the beginning of our spring vagrant season, the last two weeks of may, the first 2 weeks of June.

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