Western Tanager + Hooded Oriole + a question (photos)

Michael Lombardo <lomb.mi@...>

Hi all,

When: Today, 6:30PM
Where: The paths to the east of the Conservatory of Flowers, just above the terraced planters

Was walking underneath some eucalyptus when I heard a familiar CHAIP.

Lifted my binocs, fully prepared for a Hooded Oriole party, only to lay eyes on a Western Tanager ...AND a Hooded Oriole (photos below).

Does this scene sound familiar? If you follow SF Birds it might: I had an almost identical experience — Western Tanager + Hooded Oriole — at Lafayette Park a few weeks ago.

Which brings me to my question: Is there something to this pairing? Some kind of symbiosis or parasitism? Is it just a dumb coincidence? If I don't hear anything from you very knowledgable folks, my working theory, that I'm engaged in some kind of unknowable cosmic trinity with these two birds, stands.


I watched them move from branch to branch for about twenty minutes before deciding to leave them alone. The Oriole seemed to be pestering the Tanager a bit, but not enough to shoo him away. 

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