No Yellow-throated this morning

Richard Bradus

Foiled again.

Despite multiple observers scouring the area this morning (4/30), none was able to see the Yellow-throated Warbler that David found at Fort Mason yesterday. There were a couple of Audubon's Yellow-rumps hanging on, however, including a breeding plumaged male with a bright yellow throat that sometimes visited the bluish spruce (?) where the Yellow-throated was most often seen yesterday, so beware.

Otherwise, continuing the theme of this spring, not many migrants - though I did have my FOS Western Wood Pewee above the Battery. Russ Bright saw a Vaux's Swift, and reported 6 Pigeon Guillemots on the bay, looking frisky and possibly ready to mate. The Orchard Oriole again tantalizingly chattered briefly from the Community Garden area but remained hidden to me. But the Mockingbird with a penchant for Robin song variations was actively singing and displaying - a treat if you have not yet had the chance to hear this virtuoso.

Good luck wherever you may wander. Stay safe, and enjoy!

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

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