Lazulis on Mt D

Brian Fitch

A number of birders were on Mt Davidson this morning, but while I was with only my wife, we watched four Lazuli Buntings feeding in grass and bushes on the eastern slope.  After they flew off the hill, a fifth and probable sixth bunting came in, one of which sang and showed for several other birders at the top of the ravine.  Only one of these birds was a female.

The migrant mix was again weird, with only multiple Warbling Vireos, two male Western Tanagers, and the buntings offering more than singletons.  We heard the "pip-pip-pip" of an unseen Olive-sided Flycatcher, a Hooded Oriole, and saw a male Black-headed Grosbeak.  The sky was empty of migrants, and what little wind there was shifted majorly several times (NW to SE and back to NW.)

Further species were found by the other birders, and I'll leave it to them to report.

Brian Fitch

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