Ft Point on the flood

Smokey Bear

I biked to Ft Point at lunch, hoping to catch some Harbor Porpoises feeding on the flood. No luck on them, but good birds:

Pigeon guillemots flew out the gate in a steady trickle
43 Western Grebes rafted up. I saw several take a solo run on the top of the water, flapping wings. I think they’re gearing up for their mating duets?
A juvie red tail kited up at the visitor center
I could ID 2 pelagic cormorants among the many many Brandt’s
Two pelicans joined a hundred gulls in the channel for a feeding frenzy
A lone football-shaped c. Murre, light below and brown above, floated in the distance

A lone c. loon rested behind Torpedo Pier

A harbor seal looked up, and a sea lion porpoised

Behind me two Wilson’s Warblers dueled in the willows and a selasphorous displayed. I am superstitious so didn’t turn my back on the ocean to try to find them.


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