Vireos in Oak Woodlands near Horseshoe Pits (GGP)

Ken Moy

Started Tuesday morning (4/7) @ Stow Lake/Strawberry Hill @ 8:30 with little to report by way of migrants. Made my way to the Oak Woodlands trail with the wooden box steps that leads to the hill above the horseshoe pits by 10:30 and sighted my first Cassin's vireo of the Spring: small (Hutton's sized that also moved like a Hutton's) with bright white V-shaped throat extending to breast and belly, gray wings with 2 white wingbars (1 longer than the other), sharp dark spectacles and short black beak (both upper and lower mandibles). Didn't vocalize. Had extended looks over 10 minutes. First time I sighted a Cassin's before sighting a Warbling vireo in a season. 

This anomaly was rectified 30 minutes later when I spotted a Warbling vireo: much longer vireo sans wingbars sporting a white eyebrow and a bi-colored (dark upper mandible and white lower mandible) beak. Both were briefly in the same bush for comparison.

Both birds were in a flock that included many Townsend's and Yellow-rumped (Audobon's & Myrtles) warblers, a pair of Orange-crowned Warblers and chickadees. 

Be well & safe! Good birding to all.

Ken Moy

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