Northwest SF 3/30/20


Started a walking loop from my place in the outer Sunset at 7 a.m. Heading to Ocean Beach, up to and around Land's End/Fort Miley/Lincoln Park and down through west Golden Gate Park and back to my place at 15:30 covering 15.4 km while following the the shelter-in-place order (outside only for essential exercise within short distance of home.)

Birds of note:

Cackling Geese - 2 flying over beach chalet north with 3 Canadas ~8:15 am

Iceland (Kumlien's) Gull - 1st cycle with Ocean Beach  main parking lot roost for about 10 minutes.( Don't worry they lumped it you don't have to chase.)

Northern Flicker - A pair was copulating near a cavity (Battery Chester) Another vocal pair was checking out snags at the East Wash. flickers "recolonized" SF starting about 5 years ago in the Presidio and now appear to be expanding their breeding range in the city

Black Phoebe - an adult feeding (3) FLEDGLINGS at the Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park might be an early fledge date for the coast. I found a 3/28 fledge date in the San Mateo County Breeding Bird  Atlas from 1988 out of the Portola Valley.

Red Crossbills - flock of (15~) around East Wash/Legion,  single bird near Bercut.

Orange-crowned Warbler - singing bird on territory at West Wash seems to me the only reliable site for a breeding territory in SF most springs.

Missed on the day were Snowy Plovers. The beach has been heavily impacted recently but hopefully they found a safe place. Also , only a single house Sparrow despite walking through a number of outer sunset avenues that have had small populations in past years, and only 8 collared doves on the day.

Checklist with Kumlien's photos here:

Dominik Mosur
San Francisco

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