Grebes a'Bobbing

Richard Bradus

Hi all

Went out to India Basin near noon today but my timing remains lousy: came at low tide the first time there (last December) and this time just after high tide, which meant disappointingly few shorebirds. Plus lots of sleeping ducks and grebes.

No matter. Now that spring has officially arrived, those hormones are surging. A mockingbird sang intermittently much of the time I was there, moving all around but failing to attract anything (a good repertoire, but nothing like the Mockingbird that held forth yesterday in the Fort Mason Community Garden, with a whole slew of robin variations and other treats as it sang almost continuously). But the grebes are getting on. I was able to watch as first a pair of Western Grebes and, closer in, a pair of Clark's engaged in nice bonding displays, with synchronized head bobbing and neck swaying. Neither did an actual "dance" but I suspect that is not far off. Reason enough to get out there and enjoy nature's blessings (socially distanced, of course).

Stay safe (and sane).

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

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