Spring Migrants at Fort Mason - Bullock's Oriole, Western Kingbird

David Assmann

A small migrant push was evident at Fort Mason this morning.  A male BULLOCK'S ORIOLE flew into the Eucalyptus trees west of the garden early this morning, and a WESTERN KINGBIRD flew into the Battery and landed at the top of a tree. A SAVANNAH SPARROW in the garden was presumably also a migrant. The male ORCHARD ORIOLE continues (yesterday it was very vocal - today it was much quieter and skittish). The three WESTERN BLUEBIRDS have now been around for weeks, and hopefully it will mean nesting - this could possibly be a pair and a younger "helper." The number of YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS has dropped dramatically over the past week. Two VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS flew over the Great Meadow. Both the YELLOW-SHAFTED NORTHERN FLICKER and the Integrade were in the garden. BROWN-HEADED COWBIRDS have returned - I counted at least five. A CHESTNUT-BACK CHICKADEE was carrying nesting material.

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