Re: FOS Western Flycatcher @ Children's Garden in Botanical Garden



Does original poster's description not match up with what you saw in the field?

Western Wood pewee doesn't typically arrive until mid April at the earliest , main pulse of migrants passing late April through May. They also don't exhibit any sort of "eye ring"

Description and timing are fine for a Western Flycatcher, albeit slightly earlier than the usual 3/20-3/25 range in recent years.

Let us all know, please.

Dominik Mosur

On Mar 13, 2020, at 15:14, Ralph McKinnon via Groups.Io <mckinnon_ralph@...> wrote:

Maybe WESTERN WOOD-PEWEE? Not sure...

On Friday, March 13, 2020, 2:58 PM, Ken Moy <ken.moy62@...> wrote:

Seen this morning around 10:30 for over 5 minutes: upright posture, orange yellow lower mandible and eyering extended past back of eye. Did not vocalize. It was above Muir Pond along with orange crowned and yellow-rumped warblers, pine siskins and ruby-crowned kinglets. Sighted calling Hutton's vireo on path to the pond for the flycatcher/kinglet/vireo trifecta.

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