Re: Kingfisher on Shit Creek

Peter & Amy

There has been at least one resident female for years. Used to be more and they had burrows in the north bank at the upstream end of the creek until the creek “restoration” terraformed the bank with rip-rap and plastic lattice. I lived on a floating home for 20 years at that end and she would routinely sit on our wind shelter and watch me in the kitchen.

The people who still live down there and the ones who have worked assiduously for many years to clean up Mission Creek would appreciate it if people stopped calling it Shit Creek. Better sewage treatment facilities have all but eliminated raw sewage released into the creek.


On Mar 10, 2020, at 6:40 PM, Smokey Bear <bear.smokey@...> wrote:

I was biking home from my trainer in Mission Bay just now when I heard a kingfisher rattle. I was at Mission Bay Drive and Berry St, right at the Caltrain track crossing along 7th. I eventually found the bird high over the creek — perched on the bent cap of the 280 overhead! S/he was looking over the brackish backwater at the floodgates. Pleasant evening surprise.


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