Re: Wilson's warblers on Rosemary

Alvaro Jaramillo

HI Barbara. Thanks for Posting your sighting here. You are right, Wilson’s Warbler would be very rare in winter in SF. As well it would be unusual for them to feed in Rosemary. The bird that is common on Rosemary and fits the description is Lesser Goldfinch. They are yellowish with dark caps, at least the males. Have a look and see if that makes sense. If not, snap a photo and post it.

  Good birding!



Alvaro Jaramillo



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Subject: [SFBirds] Wilson's warblers on Rosemary


We have had 3 (or more) wilson's warblers visit our yard (outer, outer Parkside) and they really like our rosemary shrubs.   We have the shorter, prostrating (but not prostrate) forms of this plant. We have seen these birds in our yard in December.   I was under the impression that these birds are not in San Francisco during the winter.  Easy to recognize with their black caps and yellowish bodies.

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