SF bayside: No place for old bunnies.


Hi Birders,
     This morning at Yosemite Slough Restoration an early F,M pair of Barn Swallows were foraging above the garden pond. Also watched an unattended/feral dog (stocky, orange-brown) chase (at high speed) a jack rabbit, and that after it forced about 20 geese into flight. It appeared the rabbit may have been too quick for the dog and quite possibly made it to the fence and maybe beneath it to the safety of the shipyard. A second unattended dog, an extremely porky white pit bull, watched from the plateau. These animals may be living at a nearby homeless camp and are not the same unleashed dogs that live at the corner of Thomas and Griffith. This, after watching several evocative episodes of The Hunt with David Attenborough last night. Anyway this park is a worsening mess: busted main gate allowing in trucks and cars, muddy tire ruts, motocross track and dumped trash. The city’s last, remaining Black-tailed Jackrabbits residing mainly at CSRA and in the adjacent shipyard seem doomed to local extirpation. I question the state of California’s ability to manage this otherwise unique and interesting park, indeed it appears that State Parks is no longer trying! 
     Logan Kahle’s Black Skimmer was still visible at 1 PM at Heron’s Head resting near a tidal outlet-channel.
     Hillpoint park has a banded immature Redtail: purple K27. Photo on ebird.
Russ Bright

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