Re: Yellow-bellied/Red-naped Sapsucker (McLaren Park: McNab Pond)

Daniel Scali

Hello all,

Again today a number of folks went in search of the sapsucker with no finds. Wesley Fritz down in Santa Barbara has a lot of experience with sapsuckers and gave some tips to figure out if the bird is likely to stay. Most importantly he said they don't like people too much -- I hope I didn't scare it away.

Wesley and others with experience have weighed in. Nobody thinks it is a pure Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Most are hesitant to call it a pure Red-naped based on age and a few odd plumage details (not sure what they are).

I realized there are actually a few decent photos in the bad ones I didn't share yesterday. Sent those to Wesley and I'll see if I can show them to Mr. Pyle as well.

Good birding,

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