Re: Yellow-bellied/Red-naped Sapsucker (McLaren Park: McNab Pond)

Daniel Scali

Hi bird people,

I was able to view and photograph the drumming and foraging sapsucker for about 45 min this morning from 11:00 am. I had no experience with comparing these two sometimes identical (nearly) species so I didn't know exactly what I was looking for. The bird would climb a branch inspecting its holes or making new ones, then fly down to another branch. I know it spent time on at least 2 of the Oaks. The light was only a little challenging from the substantial canopy.

A bunch of better birders than me came out for the bird (a victory for McLaren!!!). Alas. Just before Adam Winer arrived (about noon), as I was looking at my phone, a shadow swooped off low behind me -- towards University Ave -- and the sapsucker had not been refound by me or others when I took off at 3:30 pm. I really hope it comes back.

Directions from earlier: Go South on University past the driveway for McNab Pond
(Louis Sutter Playground) and halfway up the steep road. It was foraging
sap holes in the oaks there. Just a little down from the light blue house.

Here's my ebird list with what I feel are the most diagnostic photo angles. Personally I'm stumped :)

- Dan

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