Fort Mason Local Interest Orchard Oriole, etc.

David Assmann

No 2020 new arrivals, but continuing overwintering birds include the male ORCHARD ORIOLE in the Community Garden, the WANDERING TATTLER on the abandoned pier (the only place in San Francisco with overwintering Tattlers), and a NASHVILLE WARBLER in the garden. Six WESTERN MEADOWLARKS appear to commute between the Great Meadow and Fort Mason and the Moscone Softball Fields. This morning the raptor activity included a MERLIN, a COOPER'S HAWK and a RED-TAILED HAWK. WESTERN BLUEBIRDS have been showing up periodically (1 today, 3 yesterday). ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRDS are displaying and gathering nesting material. Although not seen today, a YELLOW-SHAFTED NORTHERN FLICKER and an Integrade NORTHERN FLICKER are spending a lot of time together (photographed together multiple times over the past few weeks).

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