Another Wilson’s Warb

Daniel Scali


Just had a Wilson’s Warbler about 100 yds east of the Stow Lake boat house, lakeside of road and path. A male Common Yellowthroat also popped up in the same vegetation while a Great-horned Owl coo’d from (probably) Strawberry Hill. Ken Moy and others have been seeing a Wilson’s in the Botan at least 1/4 mile away so this is maybe a different one. Wasn’t there a 3rd at Sue B plaza?

Speaking of the SF botanical garden, I was there an hour ago and around the same time yesterday as well. Yesterday I got eyes on a Varied Thrush while making my to Zellerbach area. It flew into cover and after that I was hearing the thrush closer to the moon-viewing garden. Heard only today in moon-viewing/Zellerbach area (possibly coming from across road at south side of Stow. That’s the problem with having no high-frequency hearing in my left ear!)

Good over-wintering (or is it over-summering) birding,

Dan Scali

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