Termite Hatch-out

Richard Bradus

Hi all

Well, it didn't last very long, but the sun this morning following our rainy spell was enough to precipitate a termite hatch-out. I took a noontime stroll down through the Presidio to El Polin and there were thousands of the little winged insects all along the paths and grassy hillsides, being eagerly gobbled up by a whole host of species (Thanksgiving for them, I'm sure, given the soggy conditions over the past week). It's always a bit unnerving to see our usual seed eaters (sparrows and such) chasing down and devouring the little treats, not to mention the odd sight of Kinglets foraging on the ground. 

No rarities, but enjoyable nonetheless. The sight of so many birds on the ground was apparently too much of a temptation for an immature Red-tail, which tried (unsuccessfully) to nab a sparrow, managing only to rough up its rear exiting from the underbrush. Hey, at least it's trying - have to learn to hunt somehow!

Good luck to all as we slog through some more.

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

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