Botanical Garden Odds and Ends

Ken Moy

Over the past 2 weeks, 2 orange crowned warblers (1 gray hooded and one not), a Nashville warbler, and a black throated gray warbler have been sighted 3-5 times in the area bounded by Zellerbach Garden, Succulent Garden and South Africa. Golden crowned kinglets were in the copper beech by Zellerbach and the fir trees next to the rosacea circle.

This morning I birded the area and found a wilson's warbler in the sapsucker tree by Zellerbach (also seen by Melissa & Brad from SF) and a varied thrush and a tanager (saw only the front of the bird and could not determine species) at the west end of Moon Viewing Terrace. Nice way to go into a week of tough weather.

Good birding to all!

Ken Moy

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