Battery Godfrey Local Stuff (inc Red-footed)

Brian Fitch

I reported on Monday watching the Red-footed Booby fly into the Bay from the mouth of the Golden Gate, but I only saw it briefly as it was already heading home to the CG Pier.  Today I spotted the bird well out toward Mile Rock, and it spent a good amount of time coursing around the Gate, where I was finally able to watch it dive on two occasions.  Hugh and I took turns tracking it, and I believe he got some record shots.  Around 9:40, it flew east toward the bridge and we didn't see it again.

Other highlights today included 5-6 Brant on the water, a small flock of Gadwall, a few Bonaparte's Gulls and some lingering Elegant Terns.  On Monday, I found a single White-winged Scoter in a Surf flock from the Battery, and on Tuesday, from the Sutro Baths, I saw two close Brant getting buffeted by the gales, and a female Black Scoter flying alone.

Also on Monday, at Lobos Dunes, I found a flock of 12 Red Crossbills, with six males sitting out on a dead branch just taking the sun.

Brian Fitch

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