Re: Murrelet rescue

Jules Evens

Sorry to report, the Common Murre died en route to Wildcare. But, it was a peaceful passing; at least it wasn’t ripped apart by gulls or dogs. The apparent bird-of-the-year was emaciated.


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Hi Birders,
     Sorry for this delay of this post.
On Sunday I was photographing the red footed booby and went down the beach to film other birds.
I noticed this juv. Murrelet floated in and looked ill, so I followed it up shore to which it beached itself. 
 Other birders were there filming RFB and Jules came to help.  We called Wild care which was open 
so Jules took it to Marin. Shout out to JULES. Thanks YOU GO!. 
   FYIThe group also saw the tri-colored heron on Sunday too at rodeo beach.
Is there any agency in theSF  city that will pick up birds?

Happy Birding, Leslie


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