Re: Information about the Tricolored Heron Sighting at Chrissy Field Monday T 4:38 pm

Mark Stephenson

The Tricolored Heron actually was spotted flying across the Bay at 4:53 as time stamped on our Camera.

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Greetings Birders, 
Lucas and I along with Lucas Corneliussen and Pat Mahoney left the tricolored Heron at Rodeo Lagoon at 3:00 pm Monday. We arrived at the Coast Guard Pier about 3:50 having taken a wrong turn in an effort to view the Red-footed Booby. Mark Schulist who was with us at Rodeo arrived 10-15 minutes earlier and viewed the Booby which had flown out into the Bay just before we arrived. We waited at the Pier and were rewarded at 4:38 pm when the Booby returned. While I was photographing the Booby, Lucas Stephenson, my son, spotted the Tricolored Heron flying east not far off shore in the company of 3 Snowy Egrets. We were able to get distant, but ID able photos of the flight. They flew out of view but appeared to be heading toward the Crissy marsh. So Lucas, LC and Cedric set off to try to locate the roost. Unfortunately, They were unable to relocate the heron.
Hopefully the Tricolored Heron will be visible every evening near dusk at Crissy Field as it flys across the Bay and returns to its roosting location. 
Hope this helps.
Happy Birding,
Mark & Lucas Stephenson

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