Battery Godfrey -- Cattle Egret, Golden Eagle et al., 11/2/19

Paul Saraceni

I spent this morning @ Battery Godfrey (7:15-12:15) during steady NE winds, joined by David A. for much of the time and Oscar M. for the last hour+.

Unlike Thursday's flight, there was almost no diversity of ducks, but a pretty good movement of geese and raptors.

Around 7:45 I observed a CATTLE EGRET fly past at eye level over the bluff and then continue west over the GG Channel.

Late morning around 11, Oscar spotted a GOLDEN EAGLE to the south of the Battery, which we briefly observed circling until it headed east over the Presidio and out of view.

Observations of local interest:

SNOW GOOSE 2 (flying NE over the Presidio; appeared smallish -- I thought they were Ross's in the field until reviewing my photos later)
Cackling Goose 91 (2 flocks of 28 & 63 flying NE)
Surf Scoter 270+ (numerous flocks)
BLACK SCOTER 1 f. (observed on the water and in-flight with Surf Scoters)
N. Harrier 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk 2
Red-tailed Hawk 9
Red-shouldered Hawk 2
Band-tailed Pigeon 70+ ( 2 flocks)
Heermann's Gull 20+
Mew Gull 60+
California Gull 1000+ (in the Channel)
Herring Gull 4
Glaucous-winged Gull 7
Elegant Tern 40
Com. Murre 3
Red-thr. Loon 30+
Com. Loon 3
Turkey Vulture 7
N. Flicker 6
Am. Kestrel 1
Peregrine Falcon 1
Varied Thrush 1
House Wren 2 (calling simultaneously from opposite ends of the Battery)
Bewick's Wren 1
Ruby-cr. Kinglet 6
Golden-cr. Kinglet 1
Cedar Waxwing 22
Am. Pipit 24 (including 1 flyover flock of 15)
Purple Finch 11
Pine Siskin 4
Lesser Goldfinch 2
Am. Goldfinch 1
Red Crossbill 17 (2/11/3; flight calls of non-locals)
Yel.-rumped Warbler 60+ (including several "Myrtles")
Townsend's Warbler 1
Lincoln's Sparrow 1

Paul Saraceni
San Francisco

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