Re: B&W Warbler (and more) - Alta Plaza Park

C Lou

The bird continues in the small trees lining the paved path that parallels Scott St. East of playground at 1215pm.

CHIPPING sparrow at lawn north of McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park.

Calvin Lou

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It's getting weird out there!

I had hoped to make it out to GGP to see the Tennessee (or Vireo) but got bogged down in tasks, so I was late getting out for my usual pre-lunch walk. So I headed out to Fillmore and, working up the west side of Alta Plaza Park, I saw and heard a Yellow-rump, then a flash of black and white. Whoa! Following the bird, it soon showed off its boldly striped head and sides. Tough little one to follow, flying back and forth between the small trees and scampering along the inner branches, but eventually I saw the underside and the characteristic black spots around the vent. Apparently an immature female, with a clear white throat as far as I could tell. I tried to get a diagnostic photo with my ancient iPhone but at first review they are essentially worthless - a few pixels of black and white on a tree trunk or branch. Rats!

After a few minutes of back and forth it eventually flew up into the tall trees just to the west of the children's play area but, wouldn't you know, just as I turned to leave an adult Red-tailed Hawk flew by and perched on top of a power pole along Scott St. Wha? Then, standing there wondering what else might come along, I looked to the west as a smallish falcon approached in the distance over the houses, and was able to follow the Merlin (!) as it flew over, headed due east.

What an amazing ten minutes - and a Halloween to remember!

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

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