Re: Ferry / Sue Bierman Park - Black-throated Green Warbler

Patricia Mahoney

I spent a pleasant 1.5 hours looking for the Black-throated Green Warbler today. It appeared at 12:10 PM, low in the poplars next to the maintenance yard, close to Drumm St. 

Earlier, two Red-breasted Sapsuckers flew into the spindly sycamore tree on the sidewalk next to the public restroom. Townsend’s Warblers, Yellow-rumps, Ruby-crowned Kinglets (chasing each other and displaying ruby crowns!), Anna’s Hummingbirds (chasing everyone), a Black Phoebe, one robin, a calling flicker and the famous parrots, made the rounds, too.

Birder, Nico, shared the Black-throated Green Warbler’s visit: yay! Thanks, Birder-photographers, for the excellent photos. Thanks, again, Jack, for leading me to another pretty Warbler!

Besides the usual urban hum, a man with a decent voice was singing opera arias under the south-side poplars.

Pat Mahoney

On Oct 22, 2019, at 10:13 AM, Jack Hayden <jellsworthhayden@...> wrote:

I had the same experience where the bird was feeding low in the tree and then I couldn't relocate for the next fifteen minutes, despite other birds remaining active. You can view my OK pictures here:

Jack Hayden
Albany, CA

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