Re: Late report: Sapsucker on Log Cabin Trail on 10/4

Dominik Mosur

Hi Ken,

There's been a couple of Red-breasted Sapsuckers hanging around the log cabin trail for a couple of weeks now. Late September is a typical arrival date for them here on the coast. Ones that find good feeding areas as birds in this Eastern Golden Gate Park often do, they can remain through the winter and into April.


On Oct 5, 2019, at 06:48, Ken Moy <ken.moy62@...> wrote:

Sorry for the late report, Nancy Palmer &I spotted a sapsucker onĀ  large tree with green/red/brown foliage on the portion of the log cabin trail that is adjacent to the meadow east of the log cabin meadow on Friday, 10/4 around 11:30.Thanks to Nancy for the attached pic. I leave it for the SFBirds community to opine on its provenance and status.

See you on the trail!

Ken Moy

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