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Brian Fitch

A 45 minute watch from Corona turned up 2 Turkey Vultures, 2 juv Northern Harriers, a single Sharp-shinned Hawk, 9 Cooper's Hawks, including 4 together kettling, 1 migrant Red-shouldered, the previously mentioned 3 Broad-wingeds, 3 migrant Red-taileds, and a few distant buteos and accipiters.  Plus a single Vaux's Swift.  I hiked up there because while eating lunch at home, I saw several TV's and Coops and another harrier over Buena Vista.  There were also multiple raptors flying over Golden Gate Park while a number of us were trying to track the various vagrants around Stow Lake.  The flyovers included yet another harrier, 7 or more TV's, multiple Cooper's, Red-shouldereds, and Red-taileds and 2 Merlins.

I started the morning at Stow, quickly ran into Ken, and we covered Strawberry Hill for a while without seeing any unusuals, though we had 6 warbler species before reaching the top.  We then found a Hermit Warbler just as Derek and Cris Heins walked up, and Cris had already photographed the Hermit and the hybrid Townsend's x Hermit.  The two birds then hung out close together for a few minutes providing a fun study.  I was briefly alone when the Summer showed up just north of the waterfall, a big yellow-gold tanager with no wing bars.  After I called out, the others had brief views at distance just as she flew down toward the lake, not to be seen again while I was present.   Derek also spotted some Vaux's flying over the hilltop, but otherwise, things calmed down, and none of the earlier rarities put in appearances.

Brian Fitch

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3 broad winged hawks have passed over Buena Vista or corona heights in the last few minutes
1 35 pm
Brian fitch

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