Frank Fogarty

Isn’t the code for Black-and-White Warbler BAWW?

On Thu, Oct 3, 2019 at 7:57 PM Peter Pyle <ppyle@...> wrote:
Dave DeSante would like me to relay the following re use of
four-letter codes, to please try and use the correct ones. He was out
the door for a Blue-winged Warbler, but then read the message below
(via Sialia). The correct code for Black-and-white Warbler is BAWA

I would add that I'm a big fan of these codes and use them frequently
in eBird reports, but always after mentioning the full name first (or
in comments under a full-named species) and would encourage this
practice in SF Birds subject lines and text.

Good birding all,


At 12:53 PM 10/3/2019, Chris Vance wrote:

>Black and white warbler at Strawberry Hill.
>11:45.  Looking NE from falls in bare tree.
>Good birding!
>Chris Vance

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