Virgina's Warbler Update

Ken Moy

Arrived at Conifer Lawn and sighted the Virginia's warbler twice in a span of 20 minutes thanks to Lee Hong-chong and Joachim Gonzalez. Jonah Bennenfield arrived and he, JG and I left in search of 'more rarities' in the words of one. After 10 or so minutes, JB spots a Virginia's warbler in one of the large conifers with small brown papery cones at the New Zealand sign just off Fountain Plaza (near bed 66A), JG and I also sighted the bird. Oscar Moss joined us and I was able to refind the bird so Oscar could get a well deserved sighting after a mad bike ride to get to the gardens.

I have no idea whether the two sets of sightings were of the same bird, though far apart, or were of two different birds.

Happy birding in October!

Ken Moy

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