Crissy Lagoon - Ruff and Sabine's Gull Aug 28

C Lou


The RUFF continues to be seen at the east end of Crissy Lagoon, on the mud flats by the bridge.

The bird can disappear for up to an hour, but has returned to the mud flats at the east end. It was seen once at the west end on the "island" where the cormorants roost.

At 426 pm, an adult SABINE'S GULL in breeding plumage was spotted by the tern flock, close to the bridge. At 430 pm, it flew over the bridge and headed east towards the St Francis Yacht Club.

Jonah Benningfield, who I had contacted when the bird was at Crissy Lagoon, was unable to re-find the gull further east at the Wave Organ.

Calvin Lou


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