RROS and Alvaro's Adventures Bodega Trip on Sunday - spots open. Calm weather!

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hello all,

    We have had some cancellations and now have open spots for the Bodega Trip on Sunday. This is run jointly by the Redwood Region Ornithological Society (https://www.rros.org/) and myself. You can sign up on our website:

http://alvarosadventures.com/boat-trips/pelagics/ or contact Gene Hunn (enhunn323@...). Either way will work.

   **** Weather and water looking interesting ****  Bodega is not known for calm wind, but Sunday is predicted to be a low wind day. This prediction has held since early in the week. As well, off the Bodega Buoy there has been some warm water with low chlorophyll, that is a different habitat, clearer bluer water. Perhaps the Albacore are out there, they certainly are a bit farther north in California. Point of all of this is that we will be looking hard for offshore murrelets on this day with these conditions, given that a Guadalupe showed up in BC, they must be out there! Half Moon Bay last weekend had the first Black Storm-Petrels of the season this far north, and in these conditions finding a storm petrel flock is much easier than with choppy conditions so we will be looking. Overall, seabird diversity kicked up a notch last weekend so we are looking forward to what we see this weekend!

Good birding,

Alvaro and Gene.    


Alvaro Jaramillo




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