McLaren Common Rosefinch?

Alan Hopkins

This morning I saw a bird that I believe was a Common Rosefinch in McLaren Park. The first thing I noticed about the bird was the BAND on the right leg, so the origin of the bird is questionable. It looked similar to a House Finch but lacked streaking on the flanks. The face was a uniform red lacking any obvious facial markings. The red ran across the breast and down the flanks without streaking as seen in a Purple Finch (the color in the photo the red is not as apparent as it was in the field, maybe because it had become wet.) The bill appeared large with a strongly curved culmen. The bird was quite flighty and I only got brief looks at the bird as it came down to bathe. It was bathing in the small creek on the south(?) side of the Gerry Garcia Amphitheater where the paved path crosses the creek at between 8:30 am and 9:00am. 

There were only a few common migrants around: western flycatcher, 2 Western Tanagers, Wilson's Warbler and Yellow Warbler.    

Alan S. Hopkins
San Francisco, CA

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