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From Yosemite Slough -

The first arrival juvenile Least Sandpiper was on 7/30. Since then the number of juveniles has increased slowly to around 20 in a flock of (200) 8/8.

On 8/6, w/Sarah Burton at high tide we had good high count for SF of (48) Semipalmated Plovers and (24)Black-bellied Plovers.

This morning (8/12) seeing reports of Red-necked Phalaropes I checked South Lake Merced scanning from the fishing pier and concrete bridge and counting (87) juvenile Red-necked Phalaropes mostly around the aerators .

Around 14:30 while shooting hoops at W. Sunset Playground with Lucas, we saw a LARK Sparrow flying over from the trees next to AP Giannini Middle School south toward the ballfields.

Dominik Mosur
San Francisco
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