Strawberry Hill & Eastern GGP

Ken Moy

What a glorious morning that began @ the reservoir level of Strawberry Hill @ 6:15 this morning. I was greeted immediately with a (what turned out to be a juvenile) Great Horned Owl settling into its day roost in a clump of buses upslope from the western end of the reservoir. Within 20 minutes one of the tall pines west of the picnic table was filled with at least 8 yellow warblers actively foraging and calling intermittently. At least 2 hermit warbles and one wilson's warbler joined. Pygmy nuthatches, chickadees, song sparrows bush tits and house finches arrived in numbers and pushed the warblers upslope to the top of the hill (they also appeared at various times throughout this trip). At some point during this push, a lone young male coyote made its way up the slope from the west end of the reservoir to the shrubbery where it disappeared.

Went to the wooden bridge at top of the falls and on the trail east/south of the bridge to find a warbling vireo and a hutton's vireo. Bumped into BrianT who enjoyed the owl. Returned to the trail off the bridge to find the hermit warblers, yellow warblers and wilson's warblers had moved over there and also several brown creepers, a downey woodpecker and a nuttall's woodpecker.

At about 10, made my way to the log cabin trail which yielded 2 (one calling) pacific wren in the area just off the dirt entry path with the log steps near the log cabin, warbling vireo and wilson's warbler near Mother's meadow, pac slope flycatcher and two hutton's vireos in the next meadow over.

Around 11:15 McLaren Rhododendron Dell had a male western tanager and a downey woodpecker near the gardener's shed. The Oak Woodlands were mostly quiet except for a multitude of brown creepers and one each of downey and hairy woodpeckers.

Lunch at Parada 22 was an excellent finish to a great morning!

Best birding to all,


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