Western Tanager @ Land's End on 7/28

Ken Moy

Good morning,

Started @ 8:15 from Pacific Coast Trail @ Land's End and proceeded East to turn off for Mile Rock Beach. The entire length was fairly birdy with the usual residents. Turned back and went up the connector trail/steps to the VA Medical Center. About 2/3 of the way to the intersection with El Camino del Mar, there was a large mixed flock comprised mostly of American Robins and song sparrows in the pines on the West side of the trail. Spotted two smaller birds and got a brief glimpse of two bright yellow birds with black wings and white wingbars but then lost them. Got to the top and spotted a Wilson's Warbler in the eucalyptus that immediately disappeared in the brush underneath. Then spotted a male Western Tanager 3/4 of the way up the eucalyptus along with an assortment of robins, starlings, chickadees and song sparrows. Could not locate a second tanager. After about 5 minutes, a male Cooper's made a sally into the tree and broke up the party. Sorry for the late report.

Good birding to all.

Ken Moy

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