Least Tern at Lake Merced

Aaron Maizlish

I found a Least Tern at Lake Merced. Very unseasonable (late migrant or failed breeder/early dispersal?). Viewed looking southwest-ward from the shoreline at the entrance to the Rowing Club/Harding Park.

The bird is at the far shore, circling around fairly high and diving for fish at least twice in the 10 minutes that I watched it. Also some Caspian Terns around, for easy size comparison. If you go, look both high near the tree-line, and also along the reedy shoreline, where it was last seen feeding.

Yellow bill, black mask, short forked-tail. Distinctive flight style. Looks like an albino swallow at this distance!

There are not that many records for SF as far as I know.

Aaron Maizlish
San Francesca

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