Red Knot still at Crissy Lagoon Monday evening

Richard Bradus

Hi all

Still ridiculously hot at Crissy at around six this evening, but the few birds that were around were hanging in there - and a bit of westerly breeze helped. The Red Knot was busy foraging at the margins of the small island toward the west end, hard to pick up at first as it was at some distance. It shared the island with, among others, a curious, rather rufous breasted immature DC Cormorant, a pair of Killdeer (one pretty stationary on small rocks - a nest??) and a Caspian Tern that sat and preened in complete disregard as the Knot foraged practically at its feet (!). 

I also caught a tantalizing glimpse of a somewhat stubby looking streaked brownish bird that vanished into the reeds along the southern shore, possibly a Rail, but it made no further appearance. As I was walking back there was a flurry of Swallows at the east end, with a few Tree, Barn and a couple of the Cliff Swallows that David noted nesting further west. The breeze then seemed to die down again, so...; still, kinda nice to visit with the heat rather than the usual fog and cold wind.

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

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