Misc sightings; Battery Godfrey, June 8, 9: Black Swift’s , Western Kingbirds, Red-breasted nuthatch

H Cotter

With the warm temps and NE- E winds spent some time at Battery Godfrey on both June 8 and 9 . Paul Saraceni was with me on the 9th.
Both days had some nice late migrant movement.

June 8 was a short visit of only an hour.
Highlights included;
Black Swift - group of 8-10 birds moving north
Western Kingbird- 1
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 1

June 9 - Paul and I spent a number of hours with highlights including:

Elegant Terns -6 in the channel
Western Kingbird - 1 and 1 unidentified kingbird sp
Western Tanager - 2
Red-breasted Nuthatch -2 my first of year 
Bullocks Oriole - 1
Lazuli Bunting - at least 4
And lingering Waxwing and one House Sparrow, a Battery rarity😊


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