Re: Blue Grosbeak

Richard Bradus

Lucky Daniel - he arrived just after the Blue Grosbeak popped out into the open. Cliff Y had been following the bird for perhaps two hours when I arrived at about 5:15, and a few other observers came by as well. The Grosbeak had been scared off by Scrub Jays but returned to favored hiding places in the shrubs and adjacent perches, eventually venturing out onto the north slope grasses to graze. Moderately cooperative - it kept its distance and would not allow Cliff to get close-ups, but it remained in view intermittently for at least a half hour, silent, later settling down and feeding on seeds.

Also of note: a House Finch was hover-feeding - repeatedly hovering over the tall grasses as they blew about in the wind to grab seeds. First time I've seen such behavior from this species.

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

On Sunday, June 2, 2019, 5:56:52 PM PDT, Daniel Scali <daniel.s.scali@...> wrote:

Hi birders,

Blue Grosbeak still very cooperative on and off for a couple hours (say some other birders checking him out for a while) on the north side of Corona Heights park at 5:45pm 6/2. Walk uphill past the dog run and turn the corner. He’s favoring the scotch? broom thickets vs the poison oak/blackberry.

Dan Scali

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