Cliff House Sea-watch, 5/27: Parasitic Jaeger et al.

Paul Saraceni

This morning (5/27, 7:00-8:15), Hugh Cotter and I did another sea-watch from the Cliff House terrace.

Winds were again out of the W-NW, though significantly lighter than yesterday.  Birds were in smaller numbers than yesterday, and there were no near-shore feeding frenzies.  But there were still some interesting sightings.

At 7:10 I observed 2 RHINOCEROS AUKLETS flying N, then turning NW further out to sea with a group of 8 Common Murres.

At 7:35 we observed well an adult PARASITIC JAEGER flying N out from the rocks, then turning NE and heading into the Golden Gate Channel.  While this nearshore jaeger is rather early (we typically do not observe them from shore in SF until mid-late July), perhaps its occurrence is less surprising in light of the recent incursion of Elegant Terns.  

Speaking of the latter, we observed 40+ ELEGANT TERNS this morning, all concentrated within the GG Channel and visible from various coastal points (including Battery Godfrey).

There were 5 HEERMANN'S GULLS observed this morning, including an alternate-plumaged individual, and 1 imm. Glaucous-winged Gull.

There was a small movement of loons flying N, including 1 Common and 8 Pacifics.  There were also 4 Surf Scoters flying off the Cliff House and 6 observed on the water below Battery Godfrey.

A quick visit to the East Wash and Ft. Miley produced a Swainson's Thrush singing from an open perch near the top of the Wash and a pair of Cooper's Hawks engaged in a courtship display-flight.

Paul Saraceni

San Francisco

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