Ibis, Yellow-Rumps, Dunlin, Eared Grebes

David Assmann

After three weeks in Chicago, it was nice to do some local birding.  Started the day with Juan Gonzalez at Candlestick Point, where we got great looks at the continuing WHITE-FACED IBIS. Two HOODED ORIOLES were near the parking lot. 2 SPOTTED SANDPIPERS were on the rocks, and a WHITE-THROATED SWIFT flew over. At Heron's Head, there were at least five AMERICAN AVOCETS, with one pair seemingly preparing to nest. Other shorebirds included a MARBLED GODWIT and a WILLET. SAVANNAH SPARROWS were singing, two BLACK OYSTERCATCHERS were mating, and a small group of CALIFORNIA GULLS were picking up dirt and vegetation and flying off with it, but we couldn't determine their destination. Two late YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS were also present.  In the afternoon I walked Ocean Beach from Sloat to the bottom of Fort Funston, and found two DUNLIN in alternate plumage in with 126 SANDERLINGS.  There were three MARBLED GODWITS and 26 WHIMBRELS on the beach as well. Saw a single BANK SWALLOW.  Last stop was the Concrete Bridge at Lake Merced, where two EARED GREBES continued.

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