Ducklings and Goslings and Herons Oh My!

Richard Bradus

Hi all

Interesting afternoon (May 13) at Stow Lake. So many Mallards and Canada Geese that I lost track, particularly watching a picnic of sorts at the east end with five Canada Goose families, some being fed by multiple different people. Lots of cute goslings, along with a female Mallard with six ducklings. And the Great Blue Heron rookery in the pine near the east end is rockin' - six nests, lots of juveniles and parents being mobbed and prodded every time they touch down. Multiple odd ducks mostly along the south shore, more mostly resting ducks (Muscovy and others) along the west side, including the continuing odd couple of female Mandarin and male Hooded Merganser. Not many gulls but lots of Tree Swallows - feeding, scooping up nest material, and a pair copulating right out there at the boathouse. No rarities, but that's OK, still lots of good photo opportunities, even though I failed yet again to get a decent shot of a swallow in flight!

List and photos here:

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

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