Candlestick Pt. Ibis

Richard Bradus

Hi all

Middle of the day, didn't know where I was going, but it's still there. The White-faced Ibis was very actively foraging in the small algae filled seasonal pond in the north end of Candlestick Pt. Rec. area, seemingly oblivious to some odd resident mallards and other visitors. Odd outing - there were almost no birds on the bay, very few shorebirds (no peeps, just a Killdeer) but lots of Red-wing Blackbirds and what appeared to be two pairs of Mockingbirds. I was also very surprised by a Mew Gull that flew over heading west. No Black Phoebe (?) but an Ash-throated Flycatcher and a Western Kingbird. And a few choice raptors including a White-tailed Kite (probably over India Basin) and an Osprey scouting briefly over the area. Full list and some photos at eBird: 

Spring is great - aside from the wind causing allergy grief!

Have fun!

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

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