Scattered migrants throughout

Josiah Clark

To add on to Brian’s report, I also had a good number of migrants yesterday morning and this morning before and during work.
“Trolling the Dawn” By bicycle I noted the following:
Lazuli bunting, Swainson thrush-ft scott
Warbling Vireos-Several locations in Golden Gate Park, and the Presidio including Mountain Lake Park.
Western Tanager-Probably the most widespread migrant with 6+ singing along jfk , ggp lakes and Ft scott
Cedar Waxwing-large flocks speedway meadows ggp and 100+ mnt lake park
While at a job site on your Buena Island, it was heartening to hear a warbling vireo singing from a lone Oak aside the very loud traffic filled freeway.

On the ocean- brown pelicans are making their way north in force from their breeding grounds.
After being nearly absent just a week ago, I have noted over 100 in the last couple of days. At least a couple Heermans gulls as well.
Off the Cliff House yesterday there was an impressive cormorant feeding frenzy with at least one humpback whale in the mix.
Whimbrel and Sanderling numbers seem notably high right for this late in the spring . 100 or more of each were still present around the beach gray whale at Ocean Beach.
Spring Vagrant season is upon us shortly. Listen for those unusual songs. The Second two weeks in May and the first two weeks of June are times to expect the unexpected.

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