Very Minor Fallout

Brian Fitch

I expected more birds today considering the light rain and the date, and I covered a number of sites to try and fulfill that hope.  But things were pretty quiet on my first day of birding SF after three weeks watching migration in Greece.  It was also cold and windy there, and many species were two or more weeks late in arriving.  I finally did run across a small flock at Buena Vista, which I had only a little time to work through before heading home.  The migrants there were just east of the summit.

Today's highlights included:
Olive-sided Flycatcher - Buena Vista
Hammond's Flycatcher - East Wash
Swainson's Thrush - EW
Hermit Warbler - BV
Western Tanager - BV and Battery Godfrey
Lazuli Bunting - 1 at BG, 2 at Ft Scott, 1 at BV
Black-headed Grosbeak - BV
Bullock's Oriole - BV

Also a single Humpback at the Sutro Baths.
Brian Fitch

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