Possible Black-tailed Gull Lake Merced Boathouse

Peter Pyle

Just getting a quick word out. It's a second-cycle bird with a big long bill - thought it was a deform-billed CAGU but now that I'm looking at my photos the darker back and tail pattern may point more to Black-tailed. Will post photos to eBird. It was on the western of the three docks, the wide trex one. I flushed it to get flight shots but it pulled around and landed back on the dock with about 25 WEGUs. Also the continuing Palm Warbler in the myopoum at the top of the pull-out hill.

This is in Lake Merced Park along Harding Road to the entrance of Harding Park golf course, north end of south arm of Lake Merced.

Cheers, Peter

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