Mid April sightings



Bank Swallows (5) back at Fort Funston and a non-adult male White-winged Scoter with Surfs off shore this morning. Small flocks of peep sp. (probably mostly Westerns but hard to tell as birds quickly disappeared behind swells) flying north.


Savannah Sparrows (with this local population a state sub-species of special concern) confirmed breeding at Candlestick State Recreation Area--Yosemite Slough Restoration Unit. An adult was seen bringing food to a nest in a French broom/bacharis/wire fence amalgamated cluster.


A surprise was hearing (and eventually visually confirming) a singing WRENTIT in the baccharis - broom scrub on plateau on the south side of Yosemite Slough. This bird was not detected again on later visits.

An adult Mute Swan was on the Impound Lake side of the Lake Merced concrete bridge in the evening. It was not there the next day. This is the first Mute Swan I've ever seen in San Francisco not derived from the released/maintained (non-countable) swans at the Palace of fine Arts. There is a thriving/expanding population in the North Bay (Marin/Sonoma/Solano et al)

Dominik Mosur
San Francisco
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