Possible return of the Lazuli @ McLaren Park

Daniel Scali

Hello all,

I got out there early this morning, mainly roving around the wooded and weedy patches from the Jerry G amphitheater west to upper pond. A highlight was a nice singing Pacific-slope Flycatcher. As I wandered, I heard a couple of faint song bits that to me could have only come from 3 birds. The Beert/Dzeet (from Nathan Pieplow’s naming work) I heard was, I think, a Lazuli Bunting, House Wren, or Lesser Goldfinch. LEGOs are trickster so you never know and between the other candidates, the LAZB has been a lot more common at the park from mid-spring to summer than HOWR (counting the irruption-like occurrence of the Lazulis last year starting around this date). If this does mark the return of the Lazuli Buntings, I worry that they may not stick around to breed in the park. The weedy fields that last year they seemed to favor, made up primarily of wild radish, seem to be more managed this year or suppressed by poison hemlock, possibly by natural succession. (?) A lot of construction is happening this spring as well; primarily path repaving. McLaren is a great park — I hope to see you out there.

Good birdling,
Dan Scali SF

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