Local Interest

Ken Moy

Sightings of moderate interest from earlier this week:

Friday, April 12 - orange crowned warbler and Wilson's warbler, female black-headed grosbeak (thanks Clifford Y) and a skulky unidentified warbler, all at Middle Lake in GGP around 11:15 - 12:30

Saturday, April 13 - green heron initially spotted around 9:15 in the reeds on the west shore of Mountain Lake between the two green light poles, it then flew towards the observation area (with log benches) and disappeared. The female black & white warbler made its annual (for me) appearance in the dog run area at Mountain Lake Park above the green gardener's tool box. Also had 2 pairs of blue birds and a Say's phoebe at Presidio Hills.

Good birding to all!

Ken Moy

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