Nesting Hummingbirds at Fort Mason

David Assmann

There are now four active Hummingbird nests next to the stairs leading up from Aquatic Park.  Three are ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD nests, and one is an ALLEN'S HUMMINGBIRD nest.  One nest (the Allen's) is still under construction.  One has a hummingbird sitting on eggs, and the other two have two chicks each. Also observed BUSHTITS working on a nest in the garden (the third Bushtit nest that I've observed at Fort Mason this month). I'm also hearing a call that I've associated in the past with newly fledged AMERICAN CROWS - not sure if it is early for one to have left the nest. Otherwise the ORCHARD ORIOLE was quite vocal as it moved around the garden, and two of us heard, but did not see, a VARIED THRUSH. GOLDEN CROWNED SPARROW and FOX SPARROWS, which were nearly absent yesterday, have shown up again (perhaps migrants from further south).

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